Sport and fitness apparel designed to inspire!

inner aura is devoted to turning the power of words and positive thought into inspired life altering action. We are the only apparel company to incorporate revolutionary new “inner designs” into virtually every article of clothing we make.

Designed to inspire! Our apparel connects with and reminds the wearer of the internal power we have to achieve our life’s greatest ambitions!

Positive mental attitude is essential to a healthy lifestyle. The benefits of this design concept branch into all aspects of sport, fitness, health and wellness and life. You bring about what you think about!

inner aura will accelerate “bringing it about” by surrounding you with positive thoughts and words, you will find real power to help you overcome and achieve!

After all it's all about what you have on the inside!
You Win from Within!

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What inspired ınner aura...

The “ınner aura brand” aspires to give our customers the distinction of someone who cares about themselves and the communities in which they live.

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Define ınner aura

inner aura

Thoughts or feelings located or happening on the inside, creating outward positive energy; happenings in the sub-conscious, causing an emanating energy to create distinctive qualities and characteristics of one’s self

One's inner aura is said to be created from mental attitude, personal goals, and passion in life

CAUTION: your “ınner aura®” may greatly affect the people around you.

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